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Excerpts from X Japan songs...^_^
From Endless Rain: "Days of joy, days of sadness slowly pass me by, As I try to hold you, you are vanishing before me, you're just an illusion, when I'm awake, my tears have dried in the sands of sleep, I'm a rose blooming in the desert."

Endless rain, Let me stay, Evermore in your heart, Let my heart take in your tears, Take in your memories.

From Say Anything: You say anything, whatever you like to say to me, say anything, you leave me out of my eyes, you say anything, all I can hear is a voice from a dream, say anything, you can dry my every tear...

Close your eyes, and I'll kiss you in the rain...

Time my change my life, but my heart remains the same to you, Time may change your heart, my love for you never changes...

You say anything...say anything, Now you've gone away, where can I go from here? Say anything...say anything...

"I believed, if time passes, everything turns into beauty, if the rain stops, tears clean the scars of memory away, everything starts wearing fresh colors, every sound begins playing a heartfelt melody, Jealousy embelishes a page of epic, Desire is embraced in a dream, but my mind is still in chaos and..."

My favorite part from アクロの丘/Akuro no Oka Album: GAUZE

"ano de kimito deai,
subetewa hajimaru imadewa nanimo dekinai,
kono machide kimito deai,
imadewa daremo aisenai kimito hurtari de,
mata ano okade..."

"At that place,
my encounter with you everything will begin
and now, we can't do anything
In this town, my encounter with you
and now, with you who cannot love anyone,
the two of us again,
to that hill..."

京 writes such beautiful lyrics ^-^
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